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The Caucasus is a fantastic mountain beauty and clean ecology, delicious food and healing waters, the waves of the Caspian Sea and a world of open people who are famous for their traditions, culture and cordiality!


The team "Elgas" has set itself the goal of developing tourist routes in the North Caucasus.

The starting point of our work was the railway project "Train" Tea Express", the passengers of which visit several regions of the North Caucasus in each trip. Since our operations in this region, we have received a lot of positive feedback, as well as wishes to open new routes. As a result, several new interregional tours have been created and by this time two of them implemented– the coach and the combined ones.

Planning and implementation of such large-scale projects became possible owing to the support of regional bodies, the executive authorities in the field of tourism, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the affairs of the North Caucasus, for which the Elgas team expresses their deep gratitude to them.


We invite travelers and romantics having passion for discovery and vivid emotions, dreamers eager to experience the hospitality of the North Caucasus to their taste, those who breathe freedom, or who are inspired by the road and whose heart is beating in tune with the lezghinka, to visit the North Caucasus.

Travel with us!


Leaders of Russian tourist market with vase experience in tourism and companies favoring and respecting travellers and their desires.


We invite to cooperation the owners of hotels, cafes, restaurants, guides and motorists — all those who provide services in the field of tourism and hospitality.


The lot: we are sole providers of international line tours throughout the North Caucasus

Choice: balanced travel — from the “standard” category to the comfort class and service for VIP guests

Innovations: we have developed and tested new routes that will save your strengths and give you a maximum of vivid impressions

Profs only: we offer the best guides and instructors who love the native Caucasus with all their heart and will gladly introduce you with all the treasures of its centuries-old traditions and national cultures

Cuisine: Caucasian dishes from the absolutely best professionals in the tenth generation!

Feelings: we are respectful and responsive to our clients’ needs


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